In Halo 2, Project Cartographer, XLiveless

Let me start by first telling you what The Project Cartographer is,
The Project Cartographer is an attempt at reviving Halo 2 Vista which started with the multiplayer services going down for it and no one hearing any information about it’s return.

Now while this is the initial goal,

Due to the method being used to perform such a feat I’ve also began focusing on other GFWL(Games for Windows Live) games which have had their multiplayer servers also discontinued, but we’ll get more into that later.

For now looking at Project Cartographer you’ll see it is a replacement for XLive and all multiplayer services in Halo 2 Vista,

It is in a functional alpha state currently and was not planned for public release there are people currently testing and we’re always open to additional people granted you’re able to use TeamSpeak and communicate actively with us on issues as well as not expecting a bug free release as this is still a pre-alpha release.

As far as getting the actual files and helping us test please check out the Halo2Vista forums,

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