In Halo 2, Project Cartographer, XLiveless

The current state of Project Cartographer is quite buggy to say the least,

It works you’re able to join games there’s no tunnels/vpns(Hamachi,Tungle,etc) or extra stuff besides our single DLL required.

How it works?

It replaces GFWL(Games for Windows Live) libraries and executes network code to simulate a LAN connection over the internet ( Yes this means we use the LAN browser ).

The limitations of this are,

  1. Custom Map downloading currently does not work.
  2. You can not view another player’s latency
  3. There’s no way to customize how you view servers, or to bookmark them or etc.
  4. Things are still quite buggy 😉 just remember it’s pre-alpha software at the moment.

Even with limitations there are pros to be had,

  1. Because we package things by injecting data into normal halo2 packets instead of making server requests during joins, this should eliminate Join Lag.
  2. You’re able to join games faster as well due to the above point.
  3. The game’s performance over all has been improved by the removal of this.
  4. The 30ms ping limitation does not exist.
  5. We will be re-implementing all of the removed functions (bookmarking servers, sorting, map downloading, and player latency viewing).

What can it currently do?

Currently the most you’ll get out of this is playing some quick matches with friends, but in the future there are plans to integrate tons of things.

  1. Re-integrate a new H2V friends list or a “XLiveless” friends list across all GFWL games.
  2. Add custom Game Types/Variants to H2V (Zombies with automated team switching and etc, Cat & Mouse where people are automatically spawned in the vehicle etc).
  3. Real matchmaking systems.
  4. TeamSpeak API to integrate VOIP since H2V is missing any voice chat capabilities.
  5. And more.

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