In Halo 2, Project Cartographer, XLiveless


During my previous fix I changed things around so much that I actually introduced major performance issues the processing time of each packet went up and part of which seemed to also have introduced some sort of memory leak.

Over all the current state of project cartographer is unplayable and unstable with that said we still need people to test once in awhile and lately it’s been hard finding anyone around (in Teamspeak) enough to do so we have 1 or 2 dedicated people willing to test through the agony of lag, crashes, and random other events with us.

Right now what needs to happen is a complete re-write of all packet handling systems there’s tons of inefficient and poorly done things which I’m just now re-thinking and re-structuring.

What I’m constantly seeing from people though is the misunderstanding that this project is currently in a state where we’re even looking for bug reports, or that you can even use it.

If you download this to test with us please do not report things like,
“I crash”,”It doesn’t work”, “It’s laggy”,”Help me”.

These things do not help us improve the code for you and the rest of the community these things only begin to frustrate me and misdirect my attention to issues other then what’s important which is creating a playable stable solution for everyone to play their games with.

Hopefully I have more news soon for the community and here’s to it being good news once I complete this re-write of the whole user handling system, another late night in coming.

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