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The network handling code has been re-written from the ground up on the client side and it seems to have eliminated all performance issues I also eliminated some memory leaks that were present before and I’m happy to say, The state of project Cartographer is STABLE!.

So what’s next on the agenda?

Let’s take a look at what’s currently done.

    •  * Emulated LAN

* Mast Server controlling player data and serving it.

* Server List for hosting games, and dedicated servers.

* Joining games is functional and stable

* Hosting games is functional and stable

* Re-establishing connections is functional, this may be unstable in cases where the host quits and other don’t have ports forwarded.

* Hosts can join their own games despite the restriction of XNADDRs being the same.

* You can run a dedicated server and client or 2 clients on the same network and or PC.

So what I’m looking at now is,

Latency Tracking (When we went the route of avoiding the LIVE server browser it now uses the LAN browser which doesn’t show ping or latency on servers or in-game for each player).

A launcher – There’s one in progress being made by Kantanomo which includes login details and other things needed.

Map Downloading  ( When we made the switch to LAN it removed the automated map downloads ), the new one will download from dedicated web hosts to ensure speed and stability.

Game Types ( Arms Race(Gun Game), Cat and Mouse, Zombies(Infection) )

Custom script syntax for map editing.

And more.


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  • Idaho

    All of this looks amazing, can’t wait to see more, keep up the good work 🙂

  • I AM PUMPED!!!

    Now this is the kind of crap i need in my life :’D
    Its also the best christmas present and early thanksgiving, you sir are a saint!

    Keep up the good work,you beautiful, beautiful man!!!.

  • Sean

    This looks awesome. Excited to see this is actually happening.

  • yesfullman

    yyessss!! sounds awesome! cant wait to see how it goes.

  • SmG Cloud

    Hopefully you continue this project!


    Awesome stuff, when do you think you will be able to release it?

  • Sparky

    I have a fast dedicated server, let me know if I can help with hosting.

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