In Halo 2

After long hours of sitting around reversing script functions and getting help from both kornman00 and xbox7887 on various research they had from xbox versions of the game,

I managed to complete a simple quick gun game setup as a first attempt at creating a custom game type, right now it’s all written  in the C but the idea is to add lua support to things and actually re-write it in lua as a PoC as what will be possible with the extended external scripting of the game.

The main issue here is determining when to load these scripts (most likely we’ll have options to do it when a specific variant is selected),

The idea is to allow anyone to actually make similar crazy game types for the game and allow people with even no programming experience to help make the game better.

I leave you with a quick video of us testing out gun-game.

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  • Justin

    This looks great. Is there a rough release date yet?

  • PermaNulled

    Currently there isn’t we may have a pre-release two weeks or so from now which is like a alpha release pre-beta and shouldn’t be expected to work perfectly but will allow people to get in an play… it will most likely lack a lot of the functionality promised at that point.

    Such as (The custom lua scripting being able to be controlled by other players), and the gun game mode will probably be controlled by a setting at that point.

    But again that’s a pre-release build.

  • Gavin

    I would like to test everything if possible. Im mostly going to be stuck at home for awhile with alot of free time.

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