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Project Cartographer has a homepage!

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Project Cartographer ( which I’m referring to as H2V:Online from here on ) now has a homepage where pretty soon you’ll be able to find a download link for the mod!

There’s still tons of things that can be done and I plan to write about and release tons more information on this project as well as put more time and effort into improving the overall game play experience as much as I can, In other news FishPhD is now in charge of coding the launcher for the game and the ‘official’ community of Project Cartographer Aka H2V:Online is now

You can find the new H2V:Online homepage here.

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  • wally

    Hello, what you’re doing if awesome. I was playing with some friends at a lan party and we couldn’t all log into the same server at the same time. So we them simply wanted to play amongst ourselves and couldn’t figure out a way to do so. Is there’s way to play halo 2 on a true network setup? Or play the game offline without it lagging trying to connect to the master server? Thank you for your reply.

    • PermaNulled

      If you’re simply attempting to plan LAN only locally, I would suggest using the normal game to do this and not project cartographer.

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